Have you heard about rewarded ads?

These ads are a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers, with them tending to be more popular in the mobile games sector.  Rewarded video is a way for developers to integrate ads into their app.  Consumers can choose to watch them in exchange for points, lives, or virtual goods. With rewarded video, publishers are able to monetise easily, since advertisers are able to communicate brand messages effectively. Users can continue with their games, without having to pay or wait, having little impact on their gaming experience.  Tapjoy‘s recent survey supports this, finding that 79% of mobile gamers prefer opt-in rewarded video.

Rewarded Ads

What other benefits does it bring?

Higher Retention Rates:

Normally, a user would decide to give up after a few attempts at a game, without being able to proceed any further. Letting them opt in for a rewarded video to continue the game would ensure guaranteed engagement and retention, with the outcome of earning a reward upon watching it.

High Opt-in rates:

Rewarded videos allow customers to keep on playing without spending a penny.  They receive rewards after watching a video, leading to an overall improvement of the game.  Opt-in rates for these ads are said to be around 80% (Pocketgamer)

High Engagement Rates:

Rewarded video sees high customer loyalty and engagement rates of around 90%, which means customers aren’t just watching a video but also taking in the content they are viewing, thus increasing brand awareness.  Advertisers tend to favour this format as it’s considered a more non-intrusive way of advertising.

High click-through-rate

Since these ads are integrated at points where the user is looking for incentives and the gamer opts in on his own accord, advertisers can take it for granted that this type of ad integration will not attract false clicks and that the user is genuinely interested in their content.

High Completion Rates: 

Rewarded video ads cannot be skipped once the user has opted in. As well as this advantage, if the video is optimised for time (max. 15 seconds), advertisers can reap the benefit of high completion rates.

All this being said, it should be clear that rewarded videos are one of the top ad formats out there.  Are you looking to boost the value of your app with a rewarded video? Or even looking for games which you can monetise?  Contact us at mobusi or Lab Cave we can sort you out!